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Translation Agency Translingua cooperates with highly qualified translators and interpreters in different fields. We are specialized in, for instance, legal, commercial and literary translations. Our team consists of translators who combine their expertise in a certain field with plenty of translation experience. All of these factors enable them to do quality translations.

Technical Translations:

Translations of technical texts, in which specific terminology is used, has to be done by native speaker translators with specific knowledge of the domain. This ensures an accurate and correct translation.

Sworn / Certified Translations:

Certified translations of documents have to be performed by translators who are sworn to a court of first instance in Belgium. Usually, a sworn translation must be legalized as well.

Juridical translations:

This field covers a variety of documents such as jurisprudence, subpoenas, verdicts, legal documents, personal documents, diplomas, marriage certificates, driving-licences, testimonials of experience, testimonials of good conduct etc.

Commercial and business related translations:

This field contains many trade specific and technical terminologies related to commercial activities, e.g., brochures, manuals (industrial, medical, environmental and food industry-related documents, etc.), contracts and agreements.

Literary translations:

Literary translation is a very different kind of translation, which cannot be compared to other types of translation. The translator should not only translate the lines written by the author but also the meanings and connotations behind those lines. This sometimes proves to be a daunting task. We have translators who are graduates of literary fields of study and can meet the requirements of this type of translation.

Other types of translations:

These are some documents which could not be placed under the above-mentioned categories, e.g., translations of a hand-written text or a thesis, documents related to political asylum and immigration, etc. Note about legalisation: We can provide you with legalized translations; in other words, all of our translators are sworn in and certified. The legalisation fee for a document is not included in the translation fee.